by Jonathan Head


iTunes 11 Icon Regression

For the longest time, the iTunes logo was quite simple and clearly conveyed what the app was about. Music notes displayed over a CD. Each update to the logo was minor, until Apple released the first major change with iTunes 10.

I imagine that most iTunes users don't mind the newer icon, perhaps even like it, but ol' time users almost universally hated it (Edit: still hate?), and the updated icon in iTunes 11, released yesterday, is just more of the same overindulgence in whizbang graphic wand-waving.

The app itself, the new layout and features, is a great update, but my impression of the updated icon is best described via metaphor; it looks like it gorged itself at the glowing blue, gradient infused, silver-toned, ohmygoshletstakethisasfaraswecango all-you-can-eat buffet.

To the layman, I'm sure it looks kinda cool, and in keeping with what Apple started with iTunes 10.

But, man. Blegh.